Precision & Production CNC Machining

We have experience in and regularly machine materials such as; Nickel Alloys (Inconel 625, 718, Monel K400), Super Duplex (F53, F55, F61), Duplex (F51, F60), Stainless Steel (Austenitic, Ferritic, Martensitic, Precipitation Hardened), Titanium, Alloy Steel (EN24T, EN19T), Tool Steel (D2, Ovar Supreme), Carbon Steel (LF2), Brass, Bronze, Aluminium, Copper, Acetal, PTFE, Peek, Nylon, Tufnol,

We are also able to boast the following:

  • ISO 9001:2008 Accreditation
  • Full Material Traceability and Certification ( C of C, 3.1 Certification)
  • Compliance with: Conflict Materials, H & S, REACH, RoHS, WEEE
  • CAD/CAM Facilities
  • Assembly and Sub Assembly
  • Comprehensive range of calibrated inspection equipment, such as: Thread Gauges, Slip Gauges, Pin Gauges, Micrometers, Bore Micrometers, Height Gauges and Surface Testing
  • Experience in providing PPAP, SAN, FAI


In addition to our CNC machines, we also have a range of manual equipment to compliment production by providing facilities to manufacture Tooling, Jig’s and Fixtures as well as provide cutting & sawing capabilities.

Precision Engineering

Goodway GS280L

Goodway GS280L:FANUC Oi-TC Control, 3500RPM Spindle, 10″ Chuck, Bar Feed up to 75mm, Hydraulic Tailstock, Hydraulic Steady, Max cutting Dia 420mm, Max cutting length 600/1200mm,




Precision CNC Machining

Leadwell GTC20

Leadwell GTC-20: FANUC O-T Control, 6,000 RPM Spindle, 8″ Chuck, 1 Metre Barfeed up to Ø50mm, Hydraulic Tailstock, Max Cutting Diameter Ø300mm, Max Cutting Length 368mm,




Precision Milling,Turning


XYZ 710:SIEMENS 828D ShopMill Control, 8,000 RPM Spindle, X travel 710mm, Y travel 450mm, Z travel 510mm, 24 Station ATC, BT40 Spindle Taper,





Production CNC Machining

Dugard Eagle 1000 VMC (2 off)

Dugard Eagle 1000: FANUC O-MD Control, 8,000 RPM Spindle, X travel 1020mm, Y travel 510mm, Z travel 510mm, 20 Station ATC, SK40 Spindle Taper,

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